Luke XII – Get Ready and Come In Pt 1

Peter Brind opens up the second series in the Gospel of Luke, looking at ch 12:35-59.

Advent Arrivals – The Messengers Part 2: The Angels

Advent Arrivals – The Messengers Part 1: John the Baptist

This is the first of our 4-week Advent series from Pastor John James.

The Power of Prayer

Phil Banda delivers a powerful call to prayer in anticipation of Welsh revival.

Hope 2.O

In this Family Service, Matt looks at John 4 to show us how we can find the true hope that comes from drinking the living water offered by Jesus: H2.O o p eRead More

Luke XI – Freed From Worry

Luke 12:13-34.  Peter concludes our series on the first half of the gospel of Luke.

Luke X – Keeping Up Appearances

Luke 11:37-12:12. Peter Brind looks at the importance of being right inside in our tenth message from the gospel of Luke.

Luke IX – The Kingdom Has Come (Now in a Minute!)

Luke 11:1-36.  Steve Brind brings us the ninth message in our series on the gospel of Luke

Luke VII – Following The King

Luke ch. 9.  Message seven in our Luke series, from Mike Woodington

Luke VI – Of Soils and Storms

Luke ch. 8. Pastor Phil returns to deliver message six in our series on the Gospel of Luke.