What We Believe

We believe in one true God who exists as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  He designed and created the universe, earth and mankind.

God has revealed himself to us through creation, the Holy Bible and by coming to live on earth as Jesus Christ around 2,000 years ago.

People were created to have a spiritual relationship with God, but having rejected him and his love, are spiritually dead to him.

We are born in a state of hostility towards God. It is a natural part of being human.  We all do wrong – no-one’s perfect. This puts us at odds with God and to be reconciled to him a penalty has to be paid, to wipe the slate clean.

God knows that from the start, we were compromised and could never reach the standard of perfection necessary for us to have a pure relationship with him.  Even if we could, we’d still have all that baggage from messing up along the way.

But he loves us so much and so desires our relationships with him to be restored, that he reached out by coming to earth to live as a man.

Jesus was that man.  He was miraculously conceived through a young virgin, Mary, to live a perfect life and then to be sacrificed by way of Roman crucifixion.

In his death, he suffered immeasurably, not just physically, but spiritually too, as he took on board the sins of all people throughout all time, to wipe the slate clean for everyone who takes the step of faith which God requires of them.

Three days later, Jesus was resurrected, showing that he had defeated death.

He returned to heaven and has promised that he will come to earth again one day when all believers, dead and alive, will be united with him.

This is the hope we live by.  We believe that we share in his eternal resurrection life even now, by identifying ourselves with his death in our daily lives by living for him and for others, before ourselves.

This choice and commitment is what Christians call being “born again”.  New life is not only something we look forward to after we die, but we experience it spiritually day by day thanks to God’s Holy Spirit living in us when we put our faith in Jesus.

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